Site Development Consultation

The consultation services offered through this site include:

  • Web Site Analysis and Reformation.

  • Web Site Creation.

Whatever the task, SiteIdeas will bring to it a commitment to improve the web experience aesthetically and functionally. There are many web site development services, and many are faster and more technically knowledgeable. However, we believe that our services will in the long run bring clients the most satisfaction.

All but the smallest projects will be accomplished in a series of stages. Taking web site creation as an example, a simplified listing of these stages follows:

  • Preliminary discussion of the client's interests and the expected scope of the project (no charge).

  • Collecting materials (generally from the client) to be used on the site.

  • Establishing a home for the site on the internet and registering a URL.

  • Developing a preliminary sketch of what the site would look like, and eliciting the client's reactions and suggestions.

  • Putting more finished versions of the site on the web; improving these in collaboration with the client.

  • Going public with the web site to see how well it will "wear" with the client and the client's associates.

  • Rethinking the site in the light of feedback from this process. Collecting additional or modified materials to be presented through the site.

  • "Officially" opening the site to the world, contacting search engines, exploring ways to increase visitation.

  • After a breaking in phase, considering future improvements and augmentations.

While relatively large projects will need to be accomplished over an extended period, and will require at least "ballpark estimates" of overall costs, all projects will be accomplished in short segments (for example, one month to achieve a stated objective). The cost of each segment will be established before work is begun, and, if satisfactory, pay will be received when accomplished. If work is not satisfactory, no cost will be incurred.

If you are interested in exploring our service further, please make inquiries to SiteIdeas.

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