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Raymond Duncan Gastil, Ph.D.

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Social Analysis

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Social and Political Consultancy
Enlightenment Network
Summary of Professional Qualifications

Principal focus is on problems in sociocultural and political change. Publications in many foreign and domestic policy fields have addressed, inter alia, environmental, educational, poverty, quality of life, defense, and ethical issues. Widely known for his annual measurements of political and civil freedom in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as the development of strategies and methodologies for democratic development. Extensive experience in editing books, organizing and chairing small conferences, election monitoring, and local government. Professional work has been with private research institutions, non-profit advocacy groups, USAID and the United Nations.

Online Development and Programming
Programming languages: Basic, Quick Basic, Turbo Pascal, and C++, HTML, Java. Developed a Turbo Pascal map program (partially supported by the University of North Carolina) acquired by Brown Publishing.
Has many web sites on line. The most recent is a group of coordinated sites called the Enlightenment Network ( A "Comments" section attached to the home page discusses many relevant issues, particlarly as they interact with current events.
Recent Projects
Ohio Public Defender's Office. Affidavits for the defense: materials on mitigating circumstances in a capital crime. (Based on previous work (article: "Southern Culture of Violence").
Hudson Strategy Group (New York City). Review and analysis of several position papers on foreign and environmental policy and public lands.
"Expert in Public Administration" at Indian Institute for Public Administration, New Delhi Project supported by DDSMS (UN Secretariat in collaboration with UNDP). Task to develop public policy analysis capability at the Institute through writing policy analyses in selected fields and presenting them to IIPA faculty.
Consulting: USAID/Democracy
Strategy Development for Asia Bureau (Initially through Ernst & Young; later Coopers and Lybrand.)
Team leader, Nepal, 1991, Bangladesh, 1992, Mongolia, 1992.
Bureau conference on democracy, Nepal 1992 (delivered paper). Other work on Bureau manuals and area democratic development strategies (1989-1992).
Team Member, Sri Lanka, 1989, Pakistan, 1990.
Strategy and post-strategy development for Latin American Bureau of USAID and its subdivisions.
(First three below were direct contracts with the LA Bureau or the Dominican Republic mission.)
Team Leader, Guyana, 1993 and 1994 (Thunder & Associates).
Assistance to DR mission on development strategy 1990.
Assistance to DR mission on developing PID and project, 1991.
(To provide background for project paper for democratic development assistance to Guyana).
Member of team, Caribbean Commonwealth, 1992.
Other work on democratic development indicators, 1990- 1992.
Strategy development for DAC/OECD, Paris. One assignment through Thunder & Associates, one directly with USAID.
Three missions at DAC in 1991 and 1992.
Election Observation:
Team leader, Mongolia, 1993 (IFES).
Member of team, Mongolia, 1992 (IFES).
(earlier: Zimbabwe (2], Panama, El Salvador, Philippines, and Taiwan.)
Democracy workshops (participated as consultant)
1989 Asia Bureau.
1990 A.I.D. (Agency-wide).
1991 NRC/NAS for A.I.D.
1992 NRC/NAS for A.I.D.
A.I.D. administrative/democracy program
Team leader for assessment of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, 1993. Thunder & Associates.
Other consulting
Association to Unite the Democracies/Next Century Initiative (Washington, D.C.) 1989-91. Working with a group attempting to bring together important persons from the OECD countries for a conference on a follow-on to NATO and other cold war institutions. The work included preparing a variety of papers, a conference at Airlie House, a meeting with Lord Carrington, Senator Brock and others at the Cosmos Club, and discussions with potential attendees during visits to France, Germany, and Japan.

Professional Activities:


Cultural Regions of the United States (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1975, later in paperback).
Social Humanities: Toward an Integrative Discipline of Science and Values (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1977).
Annuals: Freedom in the World: Political Rights and Civil Liberties. Eleven volumes were produced (1978- 1989). Publishers included G. K. Hall, Praeger, and the University Press of America.
Progress: Critical Thinking About Historical Change (Westport: Praeger, 1993).


Promoting Democracy: Opportunities and Issues, Goldman and Douglas, eds. (Praeger, 1988).
On Measuring Democracy: Its Consequences and Concomitants, Alex Inkeles (ed.) (Transaction, 1991).
Democracy and Development in East Asia: Taiwan, South Korea, and The Philippines, Robinson (ed.) (AEI, 1991).
Can We Win in Vietnam, Armbruster et al (Praeger, 1968).
Why ABM?, Holst and Schneider, eds. (Pergamon, 1969).
The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (authored several pieces; editor of violence section).
Encyclopedia Britannica Yearbooks (1985, 1986, "human rights").


"Cultural Traditions and Cultural Behavior", (Unpublished). Paper delivered at the 50th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Washington, D.C., November 11, 1998.
"Explorations in Public Policy Analysis: Democracy and Development in India", Indian Institute for Public Administration, 1995 (Unpublished). This included four papers: "The Basic Paradigm for India's Development", "Sustainable Development: Definitions and Imponderables", "Alternative Environmentalist Policies", and "Policy Choices for Democracy: Decentralization and Village Self-Determination".
"What Kind of Democracy", The Atlantic, 1990 (reprinted by USIS and incorporated in many college texts).
"Alternative Environmental Policy Concepts", Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik, 1/78. May 1978, pages 149-171.
"The Moral Right of the Majority to Restrict Obscenity and Pornography through Law", Ethics, 1975 (reprinted several times as a "reading", for example in "The Philosophy of Law" and "Contemporary Moral Issues").
"The Pacific Northwest as a Cultural Region", Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 1973.
 (with Barnett Singer) "Northwest Civilization: The Development of a Regional Vision", Battelle Seattle, 1976 (unpublished).
"Lower-Class Behavior: Cultural and Biosocial", Human Organization,1973,
"A General Framework for Social Science", Policy Sciences, 1972
"Homicide and a Regional Culture of Violence", American Sociological Review, 1971.
(Critics labeled this the "Gastil-Hackney" hypothesis in a later ASR; this led to a written exchange among several persons, including Gastil, in Criminology, 1978.)
"Social Indicators and Quality of Life", Public Administration Review, 1971.
"Culture and Civilization: In Man and Out There", Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers, 1964.
"The Determinants of Human Behavior", American Anthropologist,1961.
"Middle Class Cultural Impediments to Iranian Modernization", Public Opinion Quarterly, 1958.
Awards and Fellowships
Harvard National Scholarship, 1949-53, 1954-6,1957- 8.
Fulbright Scholarship, 1953-54 (Pakistan).
Ford Foundation Fellowship 1956-57 (Iran).
Memberships and Associations
Committee for a Community of Democracies, 1979-91; Pres. 1990-91. CCD conferences: Wingspread, Ottawa, Ann Arbor, Mauritius (African region).
Associate at the Council for a Community of Democracies, 2005-
American Anthropological Society.
International Institute for Strategic Studies.
Harvard Club of New York City.
Community Activities (1995 - 2005)
Essex Planning Commission, Member (Essex Connecticut)
Essex Open Space Plan Subcommittee, Chairman
Essex Land and Conservation Trust, Board member
Essex Economic Development Commission, Member
Rockfall Foundation, Conservation Committee
Ph.D. in Social Science (special program), Harvard University, 1958.
Thesis: Modern Iranian Culture.
A.M. in Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, 1956.
Major papers on Kurdish history and the history of Qom, Iran.
A.B. in Social Relations, Harvard University, 1953.
Undergraduate thesis: National Socialism (especially criminal law).
Panjab University: Urdu, Persian, and Islamic Studies, attended 1953-54.
Paper: Islamic Modernism in Pakistan.
Studied German, Spanish, French, Persian, Urdu, Arabic.
Presently capable of reading, writing, and speaking German and Persian
Limited reading ability in Spanish and French.
Personal Data
Born, April 13, 1931; Married: two children.

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