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SiteIdeas is a web page consulting service developed in the hope that it could improve editorial standards and enhance aesthetic standards.

In web site design or redesign, SiteIdeas emphasizes simplicity, clarity, and beauty.

If you request SiteIdeas to develop or redesign a web site, and what you propose appears likely to contribute positively to the world wide web, we will be glad to undertake your project — or locate others who might contribute. If we undertake the project, we will help you obtain a totally independent web address (URL), if you do not already have one. We will design or redesign your site using your input and content, and test your pages until they are mutually satisfactory. In most cases, we will also be glad to maintain and update the pages you have created with SiteIdeas.

SiteIdeas now offers free web site consultation for selected projects. A proposed project may be in a formative stage or already on the web. Tell us about it. If we find it interesting and believe we can make a useful contribution, we will consider it. If your organization is "nonprofit" this might help, but this is not essential. Contact us.

SiteIdeas is a project of RDG Services, 28 River Lane, Deep River, CT 06417 USA.

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